Does Social Media Make a Difference?

FaceBook-Logo-social media helping business

  Yes! Social media is a free way to raise awareness about your business and interact directly with customers. Facebook and Twitter are the two most prominent platforms for social marketing, with many others also making an impact. There is little if any downside to incorporating social media into your marketing efforts. However, you should set realistic expectations and understand […]

Google Instant – One month later

google instant speeds

Over a month ago, Google rolled out it’s latest update to their search platform. All things considered, it’s a fairly substantial shift in the way they view search. The basic idea is built around predictive search–in real time, Google monitors keystrokes and attempts to guess your search query.  Search boxes, including Google’s own,  have been experimenting with predictive search (or […]

The importance of website content for SEO


With everyone coveting clean minimalist design, many companies are forgetting the importance of actual text on a website. Having keyword-rich content on your site is integral to increasing website rankings through SEO. Here are some guidelines on how to properly incorporate keyword-saturated copy on your website…

How to write an effective press release that also helps SEO efforts

press release for website

There are several things to consider when crafting a press release. Assuming you have something newsworthy to share, you also want to utilize this public document as a search marketing tool. Press releases are often published on high-value sites, thus creating a valuable link back to your web page. Below are some guidelines for creating your press release with an […]

SEO Client FAQ

seo faq

I see traffic going up, but how do I get more leads? There are really only two factors that determine whether or not a website will produce leads: Usability and Conversion. Usability: Usability refers to ease of use and organization for a website. Information must be presented clearly and paths of action must be defined. Sometimes, usability is difficult to […]