Mobile Website Checklist – Does your mobile site have all of these?

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Mobile Internet browsing has doubled in the last year–accounting for 2.8% of ALL web traffic. If that percentage sounds insignificant, consider that you’re talking about billions of page views per day. What’s 2.8% of 80 billion? A lot. Mobile Web Browsing for Last 12 Months *from With that in mind, the likelihood of a customer, or potential customer, trying […]

Top 5 ways to optimize for mobile


By 2011 more than half of the US population will be using smartphones. Smartphones are Internet-enabled mobile devices that allow users to browse websites, perform searches, check email and access just about anything they could on a standard Internet connection. Hardware improvements such as larger screens, more responsive touch technology and longer battery life have made the mobile Internet experience […]

Free Phone Analytics: Do you know how many calls are coming from your website?

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Google Analytics will tell you almost anything you want to know about website traffic. Want to know how many visits came from the keyword search, ‘giant purple elephants’? Check your analytics. Curious how many people in Russia are browsing your site for fur hats? Analytics can tell you. How many people clicked the fancy button labeled ‘Free Quote’? Yep, it’s […]

Google Launches ‘Places Search’ to promote local businesses


Google knows when you are looking for a local business or restaurant–at least they think they do. Recently, Google updated the way they display search results. Their search result pages now prioritizes ‘Places’ listings (sometimes referred to as ‘map’ listings) if Google determines you are looking for a local business. This determination may be made if you include a local […]