Enter the Matrix: Are QR Codes a fad or genuine marketing strategy?


Imagine you’re walking down a lively street during lunch hour (imagine you actually have an hour for lunch)… You brush by fellow pedestrians unnoticed; your eyes glaze over as you pass another clothing boutique (or was it a restaurant?); the colorful letters ‘SALE’ and ‘SPECIAL’ no longer even trigger a response from your brain. You’re so conditioned to see the […]

Our upcoming SEO Breakfast – “Google is Changing – Adapt your Marketing”


FindMyCompany, along with Scardello & Associates, is happy to announce our latest search marketing seminar. Google is Changing – Adapt your Marketing April 29th – 8AM 1330 Post Oak Blvd. Houston TX, 77056 Join us for an enlightening discussion and a complimentary breakfast. We’ll be addressing some of the latest changes to Google and how they will impact the way […]

Conversion 101 – Is your website broken?


You’ve increased traffic to your website, now what? Every eyeball is a potential sale. Website conversion is the process of directing eyeballs towards clear paths of action. Immediately upon arrival, site visitors should know what your message is, see your contact info and be presented with obvious ‘call-to-action’ instructions. Each of these conversion elements should appear ‘above the fold’ of […]