Why You Should Create a Google+ Page for Your Business NOW


You may consider yourself and your business to be well established on social media platforms, like Facebook, but does your business have a Google+ Business Page? The benefits to organic search and SEO efforts of having a Google+ business page are increasing daily, as Google+ profiles are appearing in organic search and helping to raise Google rankings. Read more about the benefits of a Google+ business page and how to get one.

Why Are My Keywords (Not Provided) in Google Analytics?


You may have noticed, looking at your Google Analytics account, that in the past couple of months the term “Not Provided” is showing up in the list of keywords driving search traffic to your website. You are probably wondering what this means for your business. How can a keyword be “Not Provided,” and why does this number seem fairly large in comparison to the other keywords driving traffic to your website?

The Search Game Has Changed: How Online Reviews Affect Rankings

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Let’s face it…Google is a hoarder. Matter of fact, Google is the mother (or daddy) of all hoarders. It’s their job to scan, hoard and organize EVERY piece of information on the internet. Trying to quantify the amount of hoarding Google does with a number hurts my brain. How big is the Universe? I don’t want to think about it. […]