8 Ways to Rocket to the Top of Local Search Results

Personalized search is here to stay. Anyone signed into Google will get their own search results based on location, search history, social connections, and other factors. This is particularly obvious when you look up something loosely related to a local business. Google “hamburgers,” for instance, and you get a list of nearby restaurants. Search “car repair” and you see a […]

5 Easy-as-Pie Tips for Writing Content That Search Engines Will Eat Right Up

We’ll spare you the long boring lecture on why it’s important to regularly update your site with new content, but to put it simply, Google likes it, which means better rankings, increased traffic, and hopefully, new customers. Problem is that a lot of small business owners say they either don’t have the time or don’t have anything to write about.

16 Expensive Practice Marketing Mistakes that Cost You New Patients

Investing in internet practice marketing is critical for a practice that wants to grow it’s patient base – and ultimately their practice. But, simply spending on internet marketing or practice marketing doesn’t guarantee you results. You have to make sure that not only is your practice marketing itself effective, but also that you’re not making some of these (unfortunately common) […]