FMC Advances in Social Media Bracket Challenge & Gives Back


Social media is an increasingly important organic search ranking factor. Most social media websites, including the biggest most well-known social sites, carry high Google page ranks. This means that having well-populated and frequently used Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+ pages and accounts for your business can significantly help your website’s search rankings (if you link all of these accounts with […]

Bastrop Fire and Surrounding Central Texas Fires – Helping Relief Efforts


The Austin branch of the FindMyCompany team, bought nonperishable food, toys, pet supplies and toiletries from the local dollar store (roughly half the store) and dropped them off at Bastrop Middle School to help the residents sheltering there. The roads to get to the shelter were surprisingly congested for the small town, and as we got closer, we were able to see black smoke billowing eerily over the horizon. Helicopters and small airplanes passed on their futile but relentless efforts to dump water on the blaze. As we arrived at the shelter, however, the residents greeted us with smiles and were more than happy to help unload the donations from the car. The photo below was taken outside of Bastrop Middle School as we unloaded our donations.