8 Ways to Rocket to the Top of Local Search Results

Personalized search is here to stay. Anyone signed into Google will get their own search results based on location, search history, social connections, and other factors. This is particularly obvious when you look up something loosely related to a local business. Google “hamburgers,” for instance, and you get a list of nearby restaurants. Search “car repair” and you see a […]

Google Review Blues Got You Down?

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You’re not the only one with review-based woes. Most businesses have faced at least one of the following disheartening Google review scenarios: Our customers love us, really, they tell us so, but none of them leave reviews online. How do I get them to do it? Some petulant reviewer (or competitor) left a scathing review. What can I do? I […]

5-Star Google Reviews Are Gone: 2012 Guide to Google+ Local


Let’s recap Google’s local platforms as they have changed over time…   Google Local, Google Maps, Local Business Center, Google Places (replaces Local Business Center), Google+ pages for Businesses, Google+ Local pages (replaces Google Places, converts all Google Places pages to Google+ Local pages and completes transition to Google+ Local)   That’s it! And they also made this little change: […]

Google Is Fickle: Search Algorithm Changes & How to Adapt


Have you seen your Google rankings fluctuate recently and wondered why? Maybe you were one of the 12% of websites impacted by Google’s Panda Update in February 2011. And what about BING? It seems like BING rankings change every day, sometimes increasing drastically, sometimes dropping just as suddenly. How can you as a business owner possibly keep up?! Surviving Online […]

Google Launches ‘Places Search’ to promote local businesses


Google knows when you are looking for a local business or restaurant–at least they think they do. Recently, Google updated the way they display search results. Their search result pages now prioritizes ‘Places’ listings (sometimes referred to as ‘map’ listings) if Google determines you are looking for a local business. This determination may be made if you include a local […]

Local Business Listings and Google Maps: How does it all work?


Search engines are constantly adding new and improved ways for businesses to be found. A particularly useful service, offered by Google, Yahoo and Bing, is the ability for business owners to create their own local business listings. What is a local business listing and where do they show up? Local business listings associate the physical address of a storefront or […]