Pros & Cons of Enhanced PPC Campaigns


You may have heard…July 22nd was Google’s deadline for switching all Adwords campaigns from “legacy” to “enhanced.” If you didn’t “upgrade” your PPC campaigns before that date, Google would do it for you. Google has since backed off from this hard deadline, saying that July 22nd marked the start of a “gradual rollout” across all campaigns that have yet to […]

Reeling 'em in: Best Practices for Landing Pages

fishing landing page

You’re getting traffic to your website but nobody is taking the bait. They nibble, they poke around, then they’re on their way to the next shiny object. If you want to land new customers, you need to hook them immediately. Eye tracking software has shown that you have about two seconds to grab a website viewer’s attention. That doesn’t sound […]

Facebook Nation: Why Facebook Ads are Important Marketing Tools

Facebook Ads Main

Facebook Ads poses a unique opportunity to generate revenue via par-per-click advertising on the largest social media website. Additionally, Facebook Ads is unlike other PPC platforms in that it allows users to segment the market geographically, phychographically and demographically to hone the target market and reduce spend. Facebook’s vast information database of over 800 million users can show accurate data about Ad reach in addition to its highly-specific targeting options.