Who’s Got Your Back? – Online Reputation Management

‘Word of mouth’ just doesn’t spread like it used to. Now it seems many people would rather trust the crowd-sourced online opinion of a business before taking the advice of someone IRL (or, ‘In Real Life’). This doesn’t necessarily mean we don’t trust our friends, or that we dislike our neighbors, it just shows how we as a culture have […]

Google Review Blues Got You Down?

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You’re not the only one with review-based woes. Most businesses have faced at least one of the following disheartening Google review scenarios: Our customers love us, really, they tell us so, but none of them leave reviews online. How do I get them to do it? Some petulant reviewer (or competitor) left a scathing review. What can I do? I […]

5-Star Google Reviews Are Gone: 2012 Guide to Google+ Local


Let’s recap Google’s local platforms as they have changed over time…   Google Local, Google Maps, Local Business Center, Google Places (replaces Local Business Center), Google+ pages for Businesses, Google+ Local pages (replaces Google Places, converts all Google Places pages to Google+ Local pages and completes transition to Google+ Local)   That’s it! And they also made this little change: […]