SEO in an Always-Connected World

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The nearest internet-ready device is rarely out of reach. Doesn’t matter which one. On a typical day we transition seamlessly from one piece of tech to the next—a casual breakfast over the iPad, jumping on the beefy laptop or desktop for work, bridging every available gap in between with our more than capable smartphones. And increasingly, people are adopting a […]

Mayday! Mayday! Avoid These 5 Common SEO Blunders

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Bad SEO is worse than no SEO at all. A few critical mistakes can torpedo your whole effort. That said, we’re happy you’ve shown a sudden interest in your search engine health, but let’s be smart about it. Just as crash dieting doesn’t work, and can have serious longterm consequences, binge optimizing isn’t wise either. Google will definitely notice that […]

Don’t Be Evil – Why black hat SEO techniques never pay off

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What better way for an SEO company to stay in the good graces of Google than by following the search leader’s own quasi-motto: Don’t Be Evil. That means no keyword stuffing, no link farms, no social spamming, no ripped-off content, no invisible text, etcetera. Some people call these “black hat” SEO techniques, but that label has become increasingly old-fashioned because […]

Go for the Bronze! Increase Traffic by Targeting Lower Tier Keywords

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With the Olympics in full swing, it’s easy to become obsessed with medal counts and write off anything below Gold as a bitter disappointment for our most heralded athletes. Even after a strong opening performance it’s apparent that Ryan Lochte isn’t going to be the Phelps of four years past, and that Phelps, who has been relegated to underdog status […]

Google Is Fickle: Search Algorithm Changes & How to Adapt


Have you seen your Google rankings fluctuate recently and wondered why? Maybe you were one of the 12% of websites impacted by Google’s Panda Update in February 2011. And what about BING? It seems like BING rankings change every day, sometimes increasing drastically, sometimes dropping just as suddenly. How can you as a business owner possibly keep up?! Surviving Online […]