5 Easy-as-Pie Tips for Writing Content That Search Engines Will Eat Right Up

We’ll spare you the long boring lecture on why it’s important to regularly update your site with new content, but to put it simply, Google likes it, which means better rankings, increased traffic, and hopefully, new customers. Problem is that a lot of small business owners say they either don’t have the time or don’t have anything to write about.

Google Is Fickle: Search Algorithm Changes & How to Adapt


Have you seen your Google rankings fluctuate recently and wondered why? Maybe you were one of the 12% of websites impacted by Google’s Panda Update in February 2011. And what about BING? It seems like BING rankings change every day, sometimes increasing drastically, sometimes dropping just as suddenly. How can you as a business owner possibly keep up?! Surviving Online […]

How to write keyword-rich content without spamming your own website

keyword spamming

Have you read website content like this before? “Welcome to Super Rankings™, the best SEO company in Austin…We provide Austin SEO, Austin PPC, Austin website development and Austin…” Oh wait. Let me stop before I further spam our own website. Should I keep mentioning the city name? This is a common problem for websites promoting keywords specific to local markets. […]

The importance of website content for SEO


With everyone coveting clean minimalist design, many companies are forgetting the importance of actual text on a website. Having keyword-rich content on your site is integral to increasing website rankings through SEO. Here are some guidelines on how to properly incorporate keyword-saturated copy on your website…

How to write an effective press release that also helps SEO efforts

press release for website

There are several things to consider when crafting a press release. Assuming you have something newsworthy to share, you also want to utilize this public document as a search marketing tool. Press releases are often published on high-value sites, thus creating a valuable link back to your web page. Below are some guidelines for creating your press release with an […]