What's the magic SEO word?

Consistency. That’s sounds nice. Say it again, Consistency. SEO is all about showing Google and Bing you are committed to an ongoing effort to improve your site, and in turn, improve the experience of search engine users. Consistency, however, does not mean constant, arbitrary updates. That will have the exact opposite effect on your search standing. A negative one. That’s […]

The Age Old Question of Domain Age & Name

Who’s heard this one before? Two websites walk into a search engine…one is perfectly optimized and the other is an exact match keyword domain…which one gets served first? Almost always the answer is the well optimized one. The only exception being the rare case when the searcher searches the ONE exact match phrase their URL is named after—and even then, […]

Making Connections

SEO’s a lot like life. It’s about connecting. Some connections are stronger and last longer than others, while some are fleeting and soon forgotten. For SEO we want to focus on the long-lasting, strong connections. These are bonds between your site and a site that values something you provide. These bonds are often shown by a link. Focus on providing […]