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By Signing Up for Constant Contact Email Marketing, You Can… Reach your audience (customers, clients, donors, etc.) easily. Brand your emails with your company’s logo and design to make them recognizably yours. Target specific messages to each audience. Track the effectiveness of your message based on opens, clicks, shares, and more! Expand your reach with social sharing. Check out the […]

FMC Advances in Social Media Bracket Challenge & Gives Back


Social media is an increasingly important organic search ranking factor. Most social media websites, including the biggest most well-known social sites, carry high Google page ranks. This means that having well-populated and frequently used Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+ pages and accounts for your business can significantly help your website’s search rankings (if you link all of these accounts with […]

Why You Should Create a Google+ Page for Your Business NOW


You may consider yourself and your business to be well established on social media platforms, like Facebook, but does your business have a Google+ Business Page? The benefits to organic search and SEO efforts of having a Google+ business page are increasing daily, as Google+ profiles are appearing in organic search and helping to raise Google rankings. Read more about the benefits of a Google+ business page and how to get one.

The Search Game Has Changed: How Online Reviews Affect Rankings

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Let’s face it…Google is a hoarder. Matter of fact, Google is the mother (or daddy) of all hoarders. It’s their job to scan, hoard and organize EVERY piece of information on the internet. Trying to quantify the amount of hoarding Google does with a number hurts my brain. How big is the Universe? I don’t want to think about it. […]

Facebook Nation: Why Facebook Ads are Important Marketing Tools

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Facebook Ads poses a unique opportunity to generate revenue via par-per-click advertising on the largest social media website. Additionally, Facebook Ads is unlike other PPC platforms in that it allows users to segment the market geographically, phychographically and demographically to hone the target market and reduce spend. Facebook’s vast information database of over 800 million users can show accurate data about Ad reach in addition to its highly-specific targeting options.