Reeling 'em in: Best Practices for Landing Pages

fishing landing page

You’re getting traffic to your website but nobody is taking the bait. They nibble, they poke around, then they’re on their way to the next shiny object. If you want to land new customers, you need to hook them immediately. Eye tracking software has shown that you have about two seconds to grab a website viewer’s attention. That doesn’t sound […]

One Size Fits All – Why You Need A Responsive Website


“Does this iPhone make me look fat?” asked the self-conscious website.   “No, no, of course not, it’s actually quite slimming,” said the website being looked at on a *gasp* desktop monitor.   Try not to think of “responsive design” as squeezing into your elastic gym shorts or drawing tight the string on those old, baggy sweatpants. Think of it […]

Conversion 101 – Is your website broken?


You’ve increased traffic to your website, now what? Every eyeball is a potential sale. Website conversion is the process of directing eyeballs towards clear paths of action. Immediately upon arrival, site visitors should know what your message is, see your contact info and be presented with obvious ‘call-to-action’ instructions. Each of these conversion elements should appear ‘above the fold’ of […]