This is War: Google+ vs Facebook


As it stands, Google, the most dominant force in search, possibly all of the internet, has issued a call-to-arms to social media creator, Mark Zuckerberg and his brain-child, Facebook. In the greatest passive-aggressive battle since the space race, Google has launched its own social media platform, Google+. Google+ is presently an invite-only service, still in beta, that could potentially counter […]

Can Google +1 Improve Your Rankings?


Yes—for certain—eventually. As far back as December 2010, both Google and BING introduced features that use social media signals, like information from Facebook and Twitter, to influence search results and to some extent, affect website rankings. Unsurprisingly, these updates sparked more and more companies to create Facebook pages and Twitter accounts, collecting “likes,” and “followers,” in hopes of noticeable improvements […]